10 hottest digital marketing trends upcoming in 2021

With the each passing year, the digital trends are evolving. Businesses are aware that they have to look out for different things that would make them different from their competitors. For easily adapting with emerging technologies and remaining ahead of the competitors in the market knowing the upcoming trends is utmost important. This will help you to develop new ways which will ultimately make your business grow. Adapting the new trends, you are able to generate more leads and improve the customer base.

Top 10 trends of digital marketing

On the basis of the trends that present this year, and the trajectory on which different companies prefer to move, below listed are few trends. These digital marketing trends will not only help you to improve the marketing strategy but this time it will provide you relevant outcome. Almost all the business firms are waiting for 2020, in the same manner as once the world waited for 2000. Most strategies are focused towards 2020. The customer expectations are also huge from 2020 and that’s why businesses are engaged in launching new businesses techniques and strategies.

The marketing industry is growing faster but it is dynamic. That’s because it always expected to meet the expectations and desires of consumers. When you need high conversion and constant customer attention then you have to make marketing stronger. By 2020, it should be in a new look, that’s because the demands and the expectations of users on the network has changed significantly. 

Few years ago, it was beneficial to focus on TV and radio advertising. But technology has reached a completely different level and the frequency of use of TV and smartphones at different ages. Through multiple research it has been found that people devoting are more and more time devoting to smartphones than TV. Radio is almost not considered as a way of advertising any more in 2019 forget about 2020. Along with radio TV in the coming years will also lose its relevance and businesses will not focus on it for marketing. Here are the trends.

1. Take advantage of micro-Moments: Today more and more users are performing their online activities using their smartphones. Keeping in mind this fact marketers will continue to leverage micro-moments even in 2020 to attract their audience’s attention and complete their instant decisions. According to this, whenever a customer searches for something online, you can take advantage of these types of micro-moments to create content and advertising targeted on those moments. For ensuring that the marketers succeed in using micro-moments, they should understand the basic practices of each one. Beyond creating ads for their store’s location or popular products you can also take steps to improve the visibility of the company in search engines and reach up to their customers at the appropriate time so that they are converted in sales.

2. Focusing on voice Search: People are becoming more use to voice each. It is found that by 2020, most of the queries will be voice-based. Now there are mainly two types of voice search, one is those that are implemented by smart devices such as Amazon’s Alexa, Apple Homepod, Google Home and Microsoft’s Cortana. With the help of this searchers get immediate voice answers to their questions. In this case the smart digital device is installed in desktops, and smartphones like in case of Siri and Google Assistant they people can get display written search results. Top companies are focusing towards process to deliver their services using voice-enabled devices because they are affordable and offer greater capabilities to increase the customer base. Businesses should also focus on using voice engine optimization. Before that they must know their target audience by knowing in their voice queries as well as focus on long-tail keywords because searchers are likely to be more specific when asking a question. In the text version, the city is indicated, but that’s not the case in voice version. Today, GPS is almost always active on phones. It's not unknown that Google knows this information and even links users' photos. So, businesses prefer to get attached to the maps so that users can find them easily.

3. Analysis of emotions: Robots have already started writing music. Can you imagine such things 10 years ago? The artificial intelligence still has no emotions, and it is not known whether it will ever happen. Still you can read the emotional state but that’s not possible through text. While expressing our opinions in comments or tweets, at least one keyword is used. The next trend is sentiment analysis in that process, AI studies all the subtleties of human communication and observe whether an online post is positive, negative or neutral. Often tools can correctly recognize both direct assertion and satire or irony, marking them accordingly. This will let you control the reputation and attitude of the business to its services and attract more users who can turn into customers. With global business firms extending their resources in AI and machine learning, this trend is going to be more demanding in the coming years. It helps the marketers to anticipate future probable patterns of their customers based on collected data. By use of this data, marketers can determine how to engage with their active buyers by making use of different channels such as direct mail, sales outreach, or digital advertising.

4. Develop the chat bots: Digital marketers are struggling to make the service as simple as possible for users. A person is physically unable to answer all requests around the clock and along with them the chat bots are there. They are easy to program and personalize, so they can be used for various purposes like answering quickly common questions, resolving complaints, offer additional content and most importantly assisting in registering. Almost 70% of sites today already have chat bots and it is going to increase in the coming days. Usually, they are not of very high quality. Some bots may respond slowly, while others may provide random information that does not correspond to the question. If in the coming year digital marketers are able to improve the quality of chat bots then that will increase conversion and make it easier to work with most services.

5. Focus on video: Although the trends of digital marketing changes quite often, but focus on video is a must for the marketers. A beautiful picture or a video attracts attention faster than text. And if this is a high-quality video, then people have the desire to watch it. That does not mean that images and text lose relevance. Therefore, it could be said that video is the brightest and most effective tool to convey information to the audience. Among the younger generation, online video has completely replaced TV. It has been found that augmented reality ads are one of the major applications that are now used by some marketers. It’s a way to provide more realistic experience. Besides that, Live streaming content is effective because it’s free and along with it takes a short time to produce. Through Live streaming content marketers are able engage with their leads in a quickest way possible, improve their relationship with followers, reach out to more users.

6. Engagement-Based Email Marketing: With time, email marketing is getting popular, digital marketers have started to care more about sending emails to subscribers who are active on their lists. If any user highly engages with your emails, then that user should be regularly nurtured with content and updates about your company until you are able to convert that user into a customer. In case a user hasn’t opened an email for a certain period of time, he will be considered as a dormant user and will no longer receive additional emails. If the platforms that is used by marketers are using have limitations to classify their audience into different segments based on their behaviors. In this way, they can integrate their tools with other applications that allow them to do so. After these created according to defined criteria, marketers will be able to target their leads more effectively with behavioral-based emails.

7. Content personalization: While browsing on the internet the user's goal is to quickly find what he is searching for. The companies want that users land on exactly the thing that they are looking for in form of their content. For that they take help of the digital marketing experts. Marketers need to make sure that their messages are personalized and deliver them at the right time. It is not possible to design marketing for each user. But if proper analysis is done then it is found that the the entire audience on any service is segmented according to different indicators. These indicators include demography, interests, or geographical distribution. Now, it is there and in the coming it will also develop and allow the businesses to offer products and services to a suitable audience much faster. 

8. Spam control: Sending out emails is one of the recent marketing trends and it is going on to become an effective digital marketing trends in coming year. Today it is less effective, but still applied and in some cases, results are also found. The problem is that ad-type spam is a big issue with today's Internet. We do not really like advertising if that’s too much on any site, then user don’t have any no desire to stay there. Hence, it is important for the digital marketer to check that the advertising is done in a controlled so that it doesn’t irritate the users instead of attracting them towards a product or service.

9. Good quality of Lead Profiling: Data enrichment is important for companies who collect and manage complex data for millions of leads and businesses. It has been found that data enrichment has become more and more important for companies nowadays. Digital marketers make use of data enrichment to reveal more details about their leads and personalize their approach when attempting to contact them. The biggest merit of data enrichment is that it excludes any wrong or inaccurate information about the leads. Often companies might have inaccurate information about a specific lead such as his email, phone number or street address. These retrieved data are then used to obtain other missing data so that proper optimization can be done. Then comes the optimization process. A marketer by use of the different data enrichment tools available, they make use of these available data create useful insights. They can draw actionable conclusions in order to send each of their leads, an account-based email that specifically addresses his needs which in turn boosts the potential to convert the user.

10. Effective Browser Push Notifications: They are one of the most important component of web browser technology. These are one of the most popular web development trends for 2019 and in the coming year 2020 they would surely play an equally important role in the process of marketing. Often businesses make use of browser push notifications to reach their leads more effectively and further communicate with their audience in a more powerful way. Another essential role that the notifications play is retaining customers and improving conversion rates. There are companies which make use of browser push to retarget their shoppers who had abandoned their shopping carts and have influenced them to complete their purchases.


Today, digital marketing is mainly focused on smartphones and applications, as well as the Internet. In the future, that is the coming year 2020 this trend will continue, but at large huge emphasis will be placed on using artificial intelligence. This involves analysing requests, core interests and even an emotional relationship to a particular product. Digital marketing is one of the fastest growing elements of today's market. It has the greatest consumer focus that contributes to high dynamism and new trends. As a summary, it could be said that Artificial intelligence is going to be the main trend of 2020. It is one of the modern ways of conveying information. Only by understanding future trends and their proper use makes digital platform as a major tool for promotion of the business.